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Why we support the use of journals at home and in school?

Sometimes, proven methods of dealing with important issues can be taken for granted. That’s can be the case for using journals as ‘thinking tools’. So, we put together this resource to help you encourage the young people in your life to never stop writing journals. It’s something about which our author, Clare-Rose Trevelyan, feels very passionately. You see, she’s made hundreds of journals for herself since she was four.

Viewing journals more broadly, we see they have a long history of use, for both creative and therapeutic purposes. Even today, they continue to be popular, judging by the many beautiful purpose-built designs available for sale online and in book stores. They are also a popular autobiographical literary form, as we see through best sellers like The Diary of Anne Frank and Nelson Mandela’s Conversations With Myself. And in recent years, they have made up a significant appearance in children’s fiction through such popular series as The Diary Of The Wimpy Kid, The Princess Diaries and the ironically titled, The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian.

Clare gives the six best reasons why she continues to use them every day on six short videos (each less than two minutes and they come complete with a transcript). We’ve added some fun activities to do with her ideas and suggestions. That’s it… enjoy.

Clare discusses her approach to journalling


1. My story compared to the stories I was told.


2. A sacred place for glimpsing the real me.


3. Figuring out the ever-changing nature of truth


4. No rules.


5. The cobweb of everything.


6. To live the strange jigsaw.