About Us

About Red Wool Editions

Red Wool Editions is an alliance of creative specialists. We passionately focus on truth-seeking, innovative writers and educators. Our alliance include authors, designers, content strategists and marketers. We promote an end-to-end approach to content creation. Most of all, we create fun books for young philosophers, with accompanying educational resources. Our inspiration is working with writers and educators who bring their innovative practices for creating texts, music, sound and image to the world.

The Team

Dr Josey De Rossi

Education and Research Director

I’m Josey De Rossi, I’m the education and research director at Red Wool Editions, and writer of our website. For my curriculum vitae, feel free to visit my LinkedIn page. Red Wool Editions publishes philosophical children’s books and educational texts. Here, in their own words, our team will tell you our story …

Clare Rose

Author and co-founder of Red Wool Editions

My dream was always to help create a kinder world, and I believed that the best way to do that was to awaken the philosophers inside the minds of kids. By 2008 I had a dress-up chest full of half-written leather-bound journals, stashes of CDs full of home-made songs – unmixed – and a swimming pool of photographs of everyone I loved. I was living out of a suitcase in Alphabet city when I decided to gather all these thoughts and turn them into a short children’s book about why I love life so much. But ever so slowly it grew like a monster, it became this thing. It was a total mess. Shreds of journal entries tied with twine to unfinished verses and ripped up paintings

I found Francis and Yong in 2012, and we worked for six years on translating my junkyard of musical, visual stories into a finished collection of five books with accompanying soundtracks called The Past Life Library, along with four smaller books that comprised the beginning of The Young Philosophers Series.

Along the way, my life fell apart and came together, like the ways the tide sometimes looks like it’s going both directions at once. I ran away from my home several times; recording songs in youth hostel cupboards and war vet hotels, I lost my grip, I had a child, I was demolished, I found strange faith, I became who I once was and I fell in love. All the way through, we kept making the books. Page by page by page.

Yongho Moon

Illustrator and Media Artist

Yongho Moon lived in South Korea before coming to Australia, first to Sydney and then to Melbourne. He has many talents, including skills as an engineer, but his passion is visual contemporary arts and design. His work has been shown both in Australia and South Korea where his media art has been projected on the giant facade of Seoul Square. He loves collaborating with Clare who he says offers him the freedom to develop ideas in his own way.

Francis Lim

Publication Designer

Francis Lim is originally from Singapore. His experience as a designer includes working on many different kinds of publications, company reports, advertising copy, magazines, booklets for State and National organisations such as museums. He has been working with Clare-Rose over the past five years, realising her original ideas into beautiful publications to be launched in 2019/20.

Jeremy Noble


Jeremy is the business manager of Red Wool Alliance
In 2016 we met up with Josey and Jeremy, some old friends of my mums and their belief in our stories were so strong, that we turned the collections into a publishing company. Now by 2019, we have ten finished children books, a mountain of educational writings, and collaborations with schools underway. And we have become a family.