Vital Conversations On Creating A Better World

We can’t have enough conversations about what it means to create a better world.

The pandemic we are currently facing requires addressing the state of the world through health, economic and psychological threats. Finding creative ways to address the everyday issues of living a good life are brought into sharp focus. However, we can feel disheartened from turning towards the creative task of thinking of the life to come after we have brought the virus under control.

The everyday things we do as parents and educators of reading and discussing different topics now has even greater meaning.

Why In The World We Are Here? is a text that intentionally seeks to stimulate dialogue about a number of existential questions, that is, those ‘big questions’ which attempts to deal with the meaning of life as we know it. Such questions attempt to delve into the material facts to blend them with more abstract ideas related to cultural beliefs and personal preferences. As a fictional atlas, it borrows from the traditional forms in surprising ways, calling on the imagination of young readers to proactively participate in building more worlds that the ten represented in the book.

Here’s the organising chart of the way the author and illustrators configure the island worlds.