Philosophy provides a space for young people to wonder out loud, together with parents, teachers, friends … about the meanings of life and all of the themes, riddles and complex contradictions that come with it. It is so important to do together because one (of many) key realisations is, that we can disagree on some things and agree on others, and yet still be as one, still love one another.

Clare-Rose Trevelyan, Author & Founder of Red Wool Editions

The Young Philosophers Series

Why in the World Are We Here?

What is the purpose of life, in this place and time? Red Wool Editions commissioned 10 artists to depict 10 exotic islands that enable young philosophers to find where they belong.

The Fake Dictionary

What if you were able to invent new meanings to old words all the time? This is an A to Z experience like no other, ready for a young philosopher to re-organise.

The Book With No Story

Fifty-two creatures escaped from Clare’s journals as she was trying to put them into stories. What happens next is inside-out storytelling, which young philosophers get under control.

The One Thing & Anothers

What happens when two bored aliens, Rio and Huxley, from the planet of Stuff meddle with life on Earth? What will young philosophers do when they come face to face with aliens and disasters?