Why In The World Are We Here?

Navigate how we experience time and place, in the mix between physical and psychological spaces, and how these become a core part of our cultural norms. Travel with is about two creatures, Eia and Whhat, who have spent as long as they can remember on their tiny island wondering why in the world they were there. One day they get fed up with wondering and decide to just go and ask someone else. They set sail. After many moon-suns, they reach the Island of Fun.

The Book With No Story

The Book With No Story is a surprisingly quirky creative writing resource for children with wild imaginations. It is jammed pack with 52 creatures who have run away from the author, Clare-Rose because they got bored with her stories. They are desperate for original thinkers to put them into new stories.

The Fake Dictionary

The Fake Dictionary challenges 9 to 12-year-olds to be ‘wordsmiths’, the builders of new words. As the title implies, this is a very original dictionary. Part text and part illustration, young readers are asked to think up the meaning of both. Shakespeare, Lewis Carroll, Roald Dahl and other writers of comedy were creators of new words. We believe their comic spirit is alive in children of today.

The One Thing And Anothers

Perhaps the most quirky philosophical book of all, The One Think & Anothers tells the story of two aliens, Rio and Huxley. They live on the Planet of Stuff and are bored of living in their castle and swimming in their 17 swimming pools. Trying to escape the boredom makes their hitch a ride into the night sky when they come across a beautiful planet. Yes, it’s Earth, barely disguised under the name Earthia. Once again, young bright minds are called on to write the next chapter in the story.