The Young Philosophers’ Education Programme For Anxious Times

Having a philosophical conversation about the state of the world is hazardous right now. As parents and teachers, we are caring for children while at the same time dealing with health, economic and psychological threats. In this anxiety-ridden context, reading and talking with our children and students can’t be overestimated. So, at Red Wool Editions, we’re not only making the books in our Young Philosopher Series freely available but we’re creating easy to following activities to help parents and teachers stay motivated in their vital work as storytellers and nurturers of interesting conversations.

What we offer

The first in our series is Why In The World Are We Here? Presented as a fictional atlas, author Clare-Rose Trevelyan creates a philosophical text around, Eia and Whhat, unlikely adventurers who set out to learn what kind of world they wish to belong. Their interrogation of the ten island-world drives them ever onwards, accumulating more questions to investigate. Yongho Moon depiction of two of the islands, the Island of Me and the Island of Healing, is shown together with eight other visual artists who depict the islands of Fun, Progress, Love, Now, Nothing, Destruction, Power and Creation.

This is the rich context in which Eia and Whhat learn the key features of each island. In turn, their records give readers numerous starting points for conversations and creative activities that

  • Provide non-threatening ways to discuss world-changing issues,
  • Deal with investigating the creation of a better world, and
  • Signpost how change and improvement are the stuff of life.

Download A Free Copy

Why In The World Are We Here? is freely available to parents, teachers and young people enrolled in this education programme.