Exciting young writers resource

Are you looking for exciting books for your 9 to 13-year-old with a wild imagination? It could be that you’ve had enough of those bland, fill-in-the-space type resources that are everywhere.

Is your child less than excited about writing?

The Book With No Story is an exciting young writers resource which holds 52 creatures who are desperate for original thinkers to put them into new stories. Our mission is to ignite storytelling in middle-schoolers and excite them about writing. Our publications act as catalysts for conversations that ignite ways of writing, illustrating and more.

Part of the Young Philosophers Series, The Book With No Story is a celebration of other people’s thoughts. It allows young writers to look at the character’s passions and what makes them so funny and interesting.


Fun book to read for children that also improves their writing skills

Our author Clare-Rose believes that philosophy should be exciting and life-changing. Consequently, we want young minds to bounce on, climb and cartwheel their way around important questions of why, where, when and what. She has created creature profiles to introduce philosophical ideas. They’re part of a story-making puzzle because … well…this book has no story.

It is filled with creatures from some of Clare’s other books. But, as she reports, they found her stories boring so they ran away. One by one, she caught them, and she’s since kept them here in this book.

Our message to young writers is that they can let them out into their own stories. That’s where they’ll live in adventures and all kinds of wonderful worlds.

Get your child excited about writing

Yongho Moon’s beautiful collage images of each character and Clare’s intriguing character descriptions zing. Together, the images and text weave in and out of the characters’ worlds, and their emotional landscapes. In its essence, it is adoration of us all.

Mostly, it asks young writers to put the characters into their own stories. They can even create characters of your own and venture into the inside-out storytelling where you write about their inside and outside lives.

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A mother’s viewpoint

My daughter came home after receiving an encouraging note from her teacher to focus on her narrative when writing. The Book With No Story was read with my 10-year-old daughter, each of us reading a chapter and adding our own special voices. Needless to say, this book inspired my daughter to use her imagination when writing. Her next use of narration came back with glowing commentary from her teacher.