A Journey Through The Island-Worlds Of Why In The World Are We Here?

Red Wool Editions founding author, Clare-Rose Trevelyan, and illustrator, Yongho Moon, worked with eight artists to create the setting for 10 island-world environments. The commissioned works were required to meet the brief of creating an illustrated atlas showing the following features: the islands’ flag, the current ruler, leading exports and attractions, key exports and institutions, its motto, its most dominant law and its currency. All artists were given the freedom to represent the islands through their preferred media.

The creatures Eia and Whhat have left us a record of their journey. These are the islands they visited on their raft. Click on the images to introduce yourself to each of the island environments.

The Island of Fun

Cassandra King

The Island of Progress

Danica Chappell

The Island of Love

Honor Bradbeer

The Island of Creation

Maria Medem Perez

The Island of Nothing

Antoine Nogueira

The Island of Now

Emil Toonen

The Island of Power

Patrick Sluiter

The Island of Destruction

Alexander Esenarro Santafe

The Island of Me

Yongho Moon

The Island of Healing

Yongho Moon